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Burn Fat With These Foods

Burning fat and losing weight works best through eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise. These two factors have a greater impact on your body and are the keys to gaining and maintaining a healthy weight. With that in mind, here are some natural fat burning supplements and food tips that you can include in your diet that will complement your routine.

Raw vegetables

Raw vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, provide the body with a good amount of water and few calories. You can use them in salads or in a shake. We recommend, among other things: Spinach, Carrot, Tomato, Leeks, Lettuce, Celery, & Eggplant.


While eggs alone are not foods that contain fat-burning properties, we strongly recommend them as an addition to a diet for healthy weight loss. Eating two eggs a day will help you lose weight, especially if you eat them for breakfast. They make you feel full and are also a source of protein and energy, helping you to get through a weight loss diet.


Oatmeal is one of the healthiest foods you can eat . It is rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber and protein and it is a low glycemic index grain. It also contains unsaturated fats and good micronutrients that give you energy. It makes you feel full, improves digestion and helps improve metabolism.


A good vegetable soup can turn into your best ally in the weight loss battle. Unlike other dishes, vegetable soup is low in calories, satisfies hunger and allows you to enjoy all the benefits of vegetables in a delicious way.


Fish is one of the best sources of protein and it also contains healthy fats. Most fish are lean and are an important source of omega 3. We recommend, among other things: Tongue, Hake, Fresh cod, Squid, & Swordfish.

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